MY SCHEDULE IS FROM 09:00, GOING TO THE HOTEL AFTER 19:00, I DON'T MOVE TO MY HOME, I DON'T HAVE COLLEAGUES, I LIKE PRIVACY. I DON'T HAVE WATAPP, WHO WANTS TO MEET COMES FACE TO FACE, I DON'T NEED TO ADVERTISE ON THE FORUM WE ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. Hi, I'm Andreea and I'm trying to change men's mentality about escorts, I'm a beautiful woman, silicone, I'm 48 kg, 1.60 height, tanned, I only accept your quality, the negligible quantity has no point in this announcement, I look forward to you relaxing in my company. Have a nice day! I DO NOT ACCEPT MEN IN A STATE OF DRUNK, I ACCEPT MEN WITH OTHER NEIGHBORS, I DO NOT ACCEPT MEN WITH BALLS OR OTHER ACCESSORIES

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