After a hard day at work that could be more relaxing than a massage There are many types of massage and you have to opt for the one that brings you maximum benefits, relaxes you and charges you with positive energy. One of them is erotic massage, with double benefits, because it combines the positive effects of a classic massage with pleasure, fun and release of tension, relaxing, invigorating and banishing the stress of those who leave themselves in the hands of professional masseuses. If you feel tired and need relaxation, come to us and you will not want to leave here La Salon Iulia you have maximum pampering and atmosphere of 5 stars in the company of beautiful women, each time of your choice and specialized in the art of erotic massage. At Salon Iulia are welcome both men and women or couples wishing to feel new sensations, relaxation, fun or spending time in a pleasant way. We bring you to the present, where you can feel the joy and happiness of every moment. Programming: 14 Eneas Street 22b.

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