Good day my dears, I am in the city again, for those who know me I know that I am the real one in the pictures, so I am waiting for you again with the greatest love, for those who have not visited me yet, I am Maria ... I am 27 years old, a well-defined woman and as beautiful as possible, with excellent services, no fuss, bad surprises or hurry, I can drink wine, juice, we can smoke a cigarette because I live alone and there will be no one to bother us .... I'm the best in O ... and many others, practically a relaxing or erotic massage, I have sexy outfits (as in the pictures anyway) always arranged on heels .... and if even it matters (I am also vaccinated) in hard times we all want a moment of relaxation, so call me whenever you want to give this moment, in case I don't answer come back in 10 minutes with another call I GUARANTEE EVERYTHING IS BETTER Secure parking space, very easily accessible area, modern and very clean location, hygiene, linen, towels ... everything clean

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