Hello, my name is Ama, I am 25 years old, from the way I present myself and I am, I am waiting to convince you, if you are curious to know a person who will leave you a pleasant memory or the desire to see her again, all you have to do is call me, I am a warm person and I want to offer you what you don't usually find, I am waiting for you dear to meet us and to offer you passionate moments of relaxation and ecstasy, discretion and maximum hygiene, with me you can find what you want, I put emphasis on hygiene, seriousness, common sense, respect, I address the gentlemen who are in my requirements and who want a pleasant moment of relaxation, a quality massage, a friend who can listen to you when you need someone next to you or perfect quality massage mistress. I reserve the right to select people who can meet my requirements. I do not accept minors, drunk people. I do not accept with balls or other accessories. Military, July maniu

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